Eczema Treatment

A complex skin condition, Eczema can affect your life in many different ways. Our expert Dermatologists can start your treatment very quickly and support you on a regular basis.  

Don't let your Eczema dominate your life. Get in touch and let us take care of your skin.

The key feature of eczema is that it is itchy! This can be a minor distraction or a major feature that interferes with your life and prevent sleeping, working and concentration. In children it can prevent sleep which causes unhappiness at home. The condition can cause redness and thickening of the skin which might affect your appearance and confidence.

Alternate names include atopic eczema, dermatitis, skin allergy, contact dermatitis, lichen simplex,nodular prurigo, sensitive skin, seborrhoeic dermatitis, asteatotic eczema, constitutional eczema, allergic eczema, irritant dermatitis, venous eczema, stasis dermatitis, dyshydrotic eczema, pompholyx eczema.

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What is Eczema?

Eczema and dermatitis mean the same thing; inflammation of the skin characterised by redness, swelling, itching and excoriation (scratch marks) in the acute form. In the chronic (persistent) form, regular rubbing of the skin through itching and scratching, leads to thickening or ‘lichenification’, scaling and post-inflammatory darkening of the skin. There are many different causes for eczema:

Atopic eczema: common in children and related to other allergic conditions such as asthmas and hay fever.

Allergic contact dermatitis: an eczema caused by an allergic reaction to something coming into contact with the skin (such as fragrance or hair dye). This can be identified by means of a patch test.

Irritant contact eczema: an eczema caused by a chemical irritating the skin (such as soap or disinfectants)

Lichen simplex chronicus: a thickened itchy area caused by repeated rubbing and scratching

Nodular prurigo: similar to lichen simplex, multiple small itchy areas of thickened inflamed skin

Asteototic eczema: dermatitis due to dry, cracked skin that occurs with age.

Drug-induced eczema: eczema that might resemble any of the above types, but that is caused by medications.

Pompholyx/Dishydrotic eczema: itchy tiny blisters (or vesicles) occurring under the skin on hands and feet.

Our Patient's Experience

What a difference a few weeks make!

Gemma was one of our very first patients. She had been suffering from hand dermatitis for a long time. All she needed was one consultation from our Nurse Practitioner, who took a very detailed history of her skin condition. Her GP was very cooperative in prescribing what we suggested and her hands were different in just a few days. She is now happily enjoying her life, and we have advised Gemma that we will be continuing to monitor her progress alongside her GP. 

Sometimes just one appointment is all you need.

Eczema Treatment



"For anyone struggling with any type of skin complaints I can’t recommend Aiconic Clinics enough. I’ve struggled for 10 years with hand dermatitis and after just one virtual consultation and following their guidance for 3 weeks my hands are unrecognisable! No longer sore or itchy! I cannot recommend their service and their wonderful team enough."

Gemma Chesters

Eczema Management

The treatment of eczema can be divided into three basic strategies depending on severity:

  • Topical creams
  • Phototherapy (ultraviolet/sunlight
  • Systemic medication (oral or injectable drugs). 

Creams include emollients, soap substitutes, steroids, or tacrolimus.

Phototherapy involves precise doses of ultraviolet light being delivered by a medical UV-machine.

Systemic medications include tablets such as Prednisolone, Azathioprine, Methotrexate and Cyclosporine. These powerful drugs are reserved for severe or life-limiting Eczema.

Our eczema specialists at Aiconic Clinics can offer patients specialist treatment for all types of eczema and dermatitis to help control their disease.

Remember, although Eczema is incurable, it can be well controlled with medication. There is no need to let Eczema rule your life.