Treatment Delivered Anytime / Anywhere

Remote Consultations Online

A large number of conditions can be treated with the right information delivered online to the Specialists in 3 simple steps.

  1. You enter all your medical history, images of your skin condition and any other relevant information into our Specialist Dermatology App (Aiconic App)
  2. Our team of Skin Specialists will review all information submitted.
  3. Within 24-48 hours of your submission, you get a clinical report of your condition and, if necessary, a prescription delivered to your home.

Remote Consultations Online

Our remote consultations allow you to get advice and prescriptions by our clinicians, without having to wait for appointment at specified time or have to travel to the clinic. 

Simply complete the online questionnaire at a time and place convenient for you.  You can ask questions, report symptoms and upload photos, before sending them to our team.  

Your safety is our priority, so please be aware that there are situations where it may not be appropriate for our team to give remote advice.  In which case, we will advise that you book either a tele-consultation or a clinic consultation. 

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A large number of conditions can be treated by Remote Consultations. These conditions may be chronic or need medication review. Examples include acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, rashes, urticaria, vitiligo, cold sores, blisters, hives, dermatitis, impetigo and many more.

There is a fixed cost of £90 for any remore consultation service.