Face to Face Treatments

Clinic Consultation

Sometimes it is important to be able to see your specialist in the clinic for your treatment or minor surgical procedure.

Clinic Consultation

Surgical Procedures

Meet the specialists in our Clinic in Hinckley or Leicester. Other locations coming soon. Please enquire.

Diagnostic Tests

Certain conditions require tests like blood testing, dermoscopy or other tests.  We will guide you and explain through any diagnostic tests we need.

Complex Conditions

A number of skin conditions are complex and require physical examination for diagnosis.

Face to Face
Clinic Consultation

We appreciate that some people still prefer face-to-face appointments. Our team has taken extra precautions, to make sure that we can still provide you with this service. 

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the same regulator as the NHS and we have strict safety measures in place, so that you can visit us with confidence. 

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We started our clinic in April 2021 in Hinckley, Leicestershire. We are soon setting up our clinic in Leicester. Our specialists also run independent clinics in London, Cambridge, Oxford and Leicester.

Our Specialists run face to face clinics in other locations as well independently. You are welcome to have a video consultation with any of our specialists or we can organise for you to see them in other locations.  Our team offer appointments in London, Leicester, Cambridge and Oxford.