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Our Aiconic apps will put you at the centre of your care. Our specialised apps was built for specific specialty patient management. From searching and booking appointments to keeping a record of you clinical status using a secure diary, you can make this app your trusted friend.

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Aiconic Mobile Apps

Why mobile apps?

Using a Mobile App, it is easy to take pictures of your skin problems. It is easy to store the images directly onto the app instead of having to upload onto a website. 

It is also easy to have your images secure on your mobile devices, while, at the same time, provide login features using your face ID recognition or fingerprint recognition to log in to your app. 


App Security

Secure for Medical Use

Our apps have been built to a very high security standards with high level of encryption and decryption features. The apps have been tested and certified for OWASP Top 10 Security Risk mitigated. 

Secure Medical App

App Functions

The Aiconic App allows you to make appointments to use our services. If you choose Tele-Consultation as your appointment method, you can have a consultation with your Dermatology Specialist from the comfort of your home.

With your Image Diary function, you can check how your condition has progressed over time. You can also check your prescriptions and stay on top of your condition, by taking medicines at the right time.

How to make an Appointment

Three Simple Steps

You can download this powerful app from the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

They are now available to download for Free. 

Download App

Available both on iOS and Android Stores. Search for “Aiconic” App.

Upload Pictures

Complete Registration and Upload your pictures and clinical details in minutes.

Book Appointment

Search for Practitioners & appointments. Pay & Book on the App. 

Aiconic Skin App

Dermatologist in your pocket

Use it to store your images of you skin condition to monitor your progress, or to check what medications you need take.

Make this app your skin care guide for every day use. And you don’t have to pay anything for these features. 

Intuitive and Easy Functions

Aiconic App will allow you to communicate with your Dermatology professionals effectively. This will allow your doctors and specialists to monitor you remotely, even when you are in direct contact with them (with your consent of course). 

Even if you don’t use our paid services, you can use our Image and Symptom diary, which is useful for you to show it to your GP and other Dermatology professionals.

Book Appointments

Book Appointments with a Specialists of your Choice 24/7. Professionals Details and Appointment types are found in the app.

Manage your Diary

Book Appointments with a Specialists of your Choice 24/7. Professionals Details and Appointment types are found in the app.

Medication Compliance

You can get Prescriptions and Alerts on our Apps. You can use the App to Manage your medication compliance.

Aiconic App


No. We aim to provide patients plenty of non paid solutions to help them with self management of their skin conditions. It is completely free for you the use of our app.